Local bands take centre stage at Osheaga

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WATCH ABOVE: Join the fun as Rachel Lau takes in the sights and sounds at Osheaga and brings you the latest from local bands.

PARC JEAN-DRAPEAU – There are a lot of big names making an appearance at Osheaga like Jack White and Lorde, but this year it’s all about the local, Montreal bands.

Global News caught up with three of the bands to find out what it was like being part of the Osheaga experience.


One of the bands, Motel Raphael, can’t believe they’ve just finished their first concert at the festival.

“For us to be able to be here this year and be in the heart of all of this action and all of these people who are genuine music lovers, it’s thrilling. Absolutely thrilling,” said singer Emily Skahan.

The Montreal band was a last minute addition to the festival.

In fact, they got the call just two days ago.

“We were laughing and crying and screaming like ‘this is so amazing!’” said singer Maya Malkin.

Motel Raphael is just one of the local bands opening the festival, and playing alongside some of their musical idols.

“We’ve felt that encouragement from all the bands we’ve every played with and so that Osheaga would make an effort to be involved in that scene as well makes sense and is just so wonderful for us,” said singer Clara Legault.

“It’s really a dream come true.”

WATCH: Motel Raphael on the Morning News

Another local band, Le Trouble, say their nerves have completely disappeared.

“I wouldn’t say nervous because we’re kind of used to everything falling apart on stage,” said guitarist Maxime Veilleux.

“We got past that point. We don’t get nervous anymore. We get excited.”

Le Trouble‘s lead singer may be an Aussie, but the band insists they are still 100 per cent Montreal made.

“It was great,” said singer Michael Mooney.

“There were people at the front that were singing my lyrics. I’m thinking who are these people? So really, it was awesome. It really is fantastic here.”

The festival’s organizer Nick Farkas admits he always gets a rush on opening day.

“The reaction I think is what I get the most out of seeing the fan reaction, the band reaction to what we’ve created is probably the most special thing and that never changes,” he said.

“I still get goosebumps when it starts.”

He says he’s keeping the promise he made nine years ago when he founded Osheaga, by adding a much needed sixth stage.

“We’ve always tried to have strong, local representation,” he explained.

“It’s always been one of our goals to have local bands, Quebec bands playing with some of the biggest bands in the world.”

That’s good news for Montreal talent, who are more than grateful for their chance to shine.

In fact, local band, Dear Frederic, was the first to take to the new stage.

“The real milestone for me will be to do Osheaga in two years and do a big stage,” said
Dear Frederic singer Charles Huot.

“That’ll be just over the top.”

It may just be the first day of Osheaga, but for some of these musicians, it’s the first steps to making it big.

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