Local resident selling bracelets for RCMP fund

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MONCTON, N.B. – The days following the shooting in Moncton that killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others, a Moncton resident came up with a way he could help.

Patrick Avery grew up in the north-end neighbourhood where the shootings took place and still lives in the area today.

“It kind of really touches you and hits home when you see your community affected like this,” he said Thursday.


So he came up with a red plastic bracelet as a fundraiser. On the bracelet, the words “Thank You RCMP, Merci GRC” are printed, along with the date that the shootings took place – June 4, 2014.

Like a lot of other people in Moncton, Avery has a personal connection with the RCMP.

“I was injured in car accident 17 years ago and there were several RCMP members that helped rescue me,” he said.

Avery uses a wheelchair to get around. He said it cost him $4,500 to get the bracelets made, and has been selling them for $5 each. All of the profits from the bracelets will go to the fund that was set up for the children of the three officers. His goal is to raise more than $40,000 for the fund.

“Why the bracelets? I guess it’s a way of people taking something with them that’s kind of a daily reminder of the event,” he said. “But just for people, individuals, to take something with them to show their outward sign of support.

“I think that just getting the bracelets out and getting people wearing them and showing their support is probably equally as important as raising a large some of money.”

Avery had 10,000 bracelets made and began advertising the bracelets through a 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛 group – Moncton Fallen Members Bracelet Campaign. But he also approached some local businesses to see if they would agree to sell the bracelets.

Jeff Garcia, owner of Zachary Samuels Men’s Fine Clothier, was one of the businesses that agreed.

“During the whole incident, my own kids were in the lock-down area,” Garcia said. “It was very disconcerting. We’re not used to this in Moncton.”

The bracelets were so popular that Garcia ran out in a couple of days.

“I had four people in last night asking for them. They had dropped by and asked me what time today they would be available,” Garcia said.

He got a fresh batch of bracelets at his store Thursday morning and is ready to sell them.

Other than Garcia’s store, the bracelets are available at Maritime Cresting, Remington Home Leisure and OMG Market.

Avery is also accepting bulk orders through the 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛 page from anyone who would like to resell them to friends and colleagues.

So far, the campaign has sold about 1,500 bracelets.

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