Man with cancer denied trip on Greyhound bus over health concerns

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CALGARY- An Alberta man facing the fight of his life has hit another setback, after a misunderstanding with Greyhound brought his vacation to a sudden stop.

Greg Anderson was set to travel by bus from Edmonton to Sicamous, B.C. to visit his sister and her family. Along with activities like fishing, he was set to deliver some bad news: he has terminal cancer.

“[Doctors are] working on some medication, they say about a year,” Anderson says. “I wanted to tell her in person, that’s why I was going there.”



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    Due to his illness, Anderson needs help getting up and down stairs. He says fellow passengers helped him board the bus in Edmonton, but he ran into trouble when he had to transfer in Calgary.

    “They just popped me in a wheelchair and said ‘you can’t go.’”

    Greyhound says the second driver had concerns about Anderson’s health.

    “We didn’t want him to have a bad travel experience,” says spokesperson Lenesha Gipson. “We didn’t want it to be difficult for him to travel.”

    They add that they offered Anderson the chance to continue the journey as long as a family member accompanied him.

    However, Anderson’s sister says they should have let him keep travelling.

    “They accepted him on the bus in Edmonton, it’s their responsibility at that point to get him to point A to B, and point B was Sicamous.”

    The family worries he’ll never get back to B.C.

    “He’s going to miss it, and odds are he’s not going to make it there next year.”

    Officials with Greyhound say they are working with Mr. Anderson to refund his ticket, and released the following statement apologizing for the incident.

    “We apologize to Mr. Anderson for his experience and the inconvenience it has caused. We will make every effort to ensure that he gets to his destination, and we will work with him on providing a refund as we want to rectify the situation.”

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