Stollery patients and their families delighted by Odysseo cast

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Watch above: The cast of Odysseo is performing 44 times under the big white tent in Edmonton. But, today, they took the show to the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Carole Anne Devaney has the story.

EDMONTON – It wasn’t exactly what Marjorie Bronson was expecting when she brought her little girl to the Stollery Children’s Hospital. But, a special performance by the cast of Odysseo put a smile on her daughter’s face – which she described as “priceless.”


“Just to see the kids come and see Cavalia – such an amazing show, well-known – that they actually came here to make the kids’ days, it’s mind-blowing,” said Bronson.

“I can see the happiness in her eyes, and that’s priceless.”

Young patients at the Stollery got to experience a little taste of Odysseo, the popular equestrian show by Cavalia. Members of the cast put on a show for the children, dancing, drumming and even performing acrobatics.

“We are 45 artists in the show, and I think everyone wanted to come this morning, just to bring the smiles to the kids,” said Kim Huard, who works with the show. “They’re going to spend some with them and share their passion, saying everything is possible in our lives.”

Bronson said the experience was very emotional for her.

“To keep the kids thinking positive and have hope,” she explained, her voice breaking. “After all, in the end, they are still kids. There’s nothing more than to have a smile on their face, and that makes her day, and this makes my day.”

 “A happy kid heals faster.”

The kids weren’t the only ones benefiting from the show. It was a special moment for the performers as well.

“My job is to be an artist,” said Dorian Escalon, an Odysseo cast member from Spain, “but, to be an artist is not only to perform, it’s to give everything we can to the audience. So, today, our audience is a hospital.”

“We are all performers because it’s our passion,” Escalon added, “and to give to you guys every day.”

Plus, it gives the cast a chance to interact more personally with audience members.

“We really like to come to hospitals… because we really can create contact with the children here,” explained Escalon. “It’s so nice to see their smile when we’re leaving a place like that.”

Acrobatic dancer Alseny Bangoura said the performers really like making the kids smile.

“We like to be here,” said Bangoura, who is from West Africa. “We thought it would be fun for them… I’m really, really happy to be here today.”

When asked if the experience made him feel good, he replied:

“Really, really, really good.”

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