Texas man ‘kidnapped’ when thieves try to steal his trailer while he’s still inside

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An attempt to steal a trailer in Liberty County, Texas ended in a high-speed shootout after the thieves discovered the owner of the trailer was still inside.

The bizarre case of robbery-gone-wrong started around 2:30 AM Wednesday morning, when 75-year-old James Brown awoke to discover two people trying to steal his trailer home.


“I heard some noise outside. They were getting it prepared to hook [up a truck] and take off,” Brown told KHOU News in Houston, Texas.

First, Brown tried to call 911, a task made more difficult by the fact that power had been cut off to the trailer, leaving Brown in near-total darkness.

Then, with his home and belongings involuntarily rolling down the highway at speeds close to 100 miles per hour, the former corrections officer reached for his shotgun.

Leaning out the window, Brown fired six times at the would-be-bandits, but the wide door of his trailer prevented him for getting a clear shot.

“This door is quite wide. I stuck around this way and tried to shoot it, at the truck, but the door was too wide,” Brown said.

When a Liberty County Sherriff’s patrol car pulled up behind the trailer, Brown used a flashing light to get the officer’s attention.

The officer pulled the thieves over, at which point one of the suspects fled on foot while the other remained in the car.

Police say the man dropped his ID while he was fleeing on foot, giving police a clear idea of who their suspect is.

Brown says he had been sleeping in his trailer for the past two months while seeing to his automotive business.

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