U of R President receives “generous” bonus

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REGINA – University of Regina president Vianne Timmons came under some hefty criticism late last year. In September, she narrowly averted a non-confidence motion, pushed by faculty with concerns over teaching jobs being cut and a lack of financial transparency, by one vote.  

However, the board of governors think the president has performed “above expectations.” Last week, they approved a $5329 raise and a $49,735 bonus.

In a statement provided to media, board chair Lee Elliott added that Timmons “has provided effective leadership over the last year implementing the University’s Strategic Plan. Our University’s continued success in areas like enrollment growth, enhanced transparency, research impact, indigenization, internationalization, community engagement and donor development are all examples of how the Board arrived at her performance incentive.”

The U of R Students’ Union thinks the bonus is reasonable.

“We were really happy with the university’s commitment to students this year with investments in scholarships and faculties and the budget was really in the favour of students, so I think we’re trusting the board of governors with the budget. With that being said, I think they made a good decision in that regard, so we’re going to trust them on this as well,” said Daniella Zemlek, URSU VP of external affairs.

Others are more critical about a raise they’re calling “generous”.

In another statement, U of R faculty association acting chair Kevin Obrien wrote: “The Faculty Association notes that Dr Timmons’ compensation package, and those of senior University leaders, come at a time of increased student enrollment. At the same time, the University is reducing its complement of staff who have the responsibility of providing instruction or front-line academic services to our students. Many of these remaining staff, our members, are in the process of negotiating a new contract, and we look forward to the members of the Board sanctioning a package at least as generous as that provided to our senior leadership.”

According to the terms of her contract, the president is eligible for a bonus up to 20 percent of her salary. This year, it was 14 percent. In 2013, she received 15 percent and just 12 percent the previous two years.

Timmons also receives six weeks paid vacation, a car and housing allowance and an annual expense account.

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