WATCH: Man films tornado from porch as it passes in front of him

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A Tennessee man came far too close to a tornado as it whipped through his neighbourhood earlier this week.

“Tornado came through our neighbourhood and went right between our neighbor’s house and ours,” the man identified on YouTube as cfields33 wrote. “It knocked down all 3 trees in our backyard and threw an R.V. on top of a truck right behind us.”



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    The tornado can be seen throwing debris into the street in front of him as he recorded it. He tries to get back in his house from his porch, but is seen struggling with the door as the winds made it difficult for him to open.

    The National Weather Service confirmed that it was an EF1 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale which measures tornado winds. In this case, the peak wind was estimated to be 161 km/h.

    This is the latest video of people coming too close to tornadoes.

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    When a tornado approaches it is important that you seek shelter immediately and not try to record it. Though the tornado may seem far away, debris can travel much further from it and cause serious injury or even death.

    On May 31, 2014, three seasoned storm chasers and researchers died when the truck they were in was hit by a tornado.

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